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  1. Can data files be infected?
    Usually not. The exception when data files contain executable code, which can be infected by viruses. A good example of this is a Microsoft Word file (.DOC, .DOT). Although Word files are technically data files, they may contain macros, which are executable and therefore susceptible to infection.
  2. What are rescue disks?
    Many anti-virus and disk repair utilities can generate a (usually bootable) rescue disk for a specific system. This requires a certain of care and maintenance, especially if you make up more than one of these for a single PC with more than one utility. Make sure you update *all* your rescue disks when you make a significant change, and that you understand what a rescue disk does and how it does it before you try to use it. Don' t try to use a rescue disk generated on one PC on another PC, unless you' re very sure of what you' re doing: you may lose data.

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